Monday, October 19, 2009


The boys with their seahawks gear! They have grown so much!
Taken January 2007

I am feeling much better. Just a little cough. Grace is the same. She has a slight cough but other than that she is back to her normal self. She even put herself to sleep in her crib last night. It was so exciting!!! Hopefully this trend will continue :o)

We are waiting for the boys to return home from their weekend with Grandma Cindy. She was nice enough to take them all weekend since I wasn't feeling well. I am sure they had a blast and probably don't want to come home. Michael has homework he needs to do. He will be going on his first field trip Friday.

I just learned that their is boy picking on Michael on the bus. He told Grandma Cindy, not me. So, I asked the neighbor girls about it. Sure enough they have two "bad" kids on the bus. I will be talking to the bus drivers about this tomorrow.

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