Thursday, October 22, 2009

She did it...

and has done it before but this is quite impressive. I used to have to nurse Grace to sleep, make sure she was in a deep sleep and then lay her down for the night. This would be repeated after every feeding. This week I have been laying her down, awake, at 9 and she has been putting herself to sleep. LOVE IT!!!! She has been sleeping until 3 at least and then up every three hours after that!!!

Last night I put her down at 9 and she didn't wake until 5! She ate and was up for about an hour and then went back to sleep. It is 9:30 and she is still sleeping. I feel so rested. I got a total of 10 hours of sleep. 7 before the first feeding and then I went back to sleep and the boys didn't wake until 9!!!! I couldn't believe. I will hopefully be posting pics later today of Grace with her oley blankie. The a blankie that my sister has lovingly and painstakingly made for each of my kiddos. Micheal's was loved to pieces, had to have a second one made and he loved that to pieces. Casey's was loved to death as well and eventually had to be taken away in hopes that he would stop sucking his thumb. Peyton has kept his in the best condition. I think I figured out how to keep them so nice after the first two. Grace's is beautiful and Nicole did a wonderful job.

I've got cleaning to do today to get ready for the babysitter that is coming tonight. Brian will be home tomorrow and I get a night off before he gets back. Dinner at Red Robin and then off to pick up Grace's Christmas dress in Burlington!!

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