Monday, October 26, 2009


I am needing to do a new post but there is currently nothing new to discuss. I have Christmas outfits picked and am lining up a time with my brother in law Ben to do some family photos. We have not had a family picture since it was just the four of us. We are indeed long overdue!! Grace is still putting herself to sleep and sleeping 6 hours in her first stretch, three after that and doesn't like to get up before 9!

I am trying to build our internet retail business and since I do not consider myself to be a sales person this is proving to be difficult. I am up for the challenge though!! We will be a part of the Christmas in November that is being held at the Hampton Inn in Bellingham. November 22 from 2-5.

If any of my blog readers want to know how I can help save them time and money let me know. I can tell you about some of our products and get you samples. We just launched a new cleaning line called Legacy of Clean.

Have a lovely Monday everyone. The picture above was taken January of 2005. Michael would have been 11 months and Casey just a couple weeks. Do you see how nice and BRIGHT his oley blankie is? It was in one piece too!!


Isa and Kai's mama said...

Well that was Caseman's oley blankie and only a week or two old... If Michael's were in that picture it wouldn't be nearly as bright! And the outfit Case is wearing is one of my favorites; and it even held up through four different boys wearing it! I have a picture of Kai in his bedroom wearing it- it was so cute (and he was in that same curled up position, just laying facing up)!

Mama Bender said...

My boys never slept on their backs. Always had to be belly. My mistake on which child the blankie belonged to. OOPS

LVS G'MA said...

michael was just trying to show his lil' brother how to properly love on a blanket
you should all be happy they had "something" they could go too and feel "love" when things weren't going their way

every child needs an Oley Blankie